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KG Cremation Develpors is one of the Trustable, Supplier of Electric Cremation Furnace and Gas Cremation Furnace (PNG/LPG) in India. We believe in providing quality material and keeping our clients satisfied.

Our robust expertise is applied to a broad spectrum of varied cremation/crematorium designing, manufacturing, development, maintenance, operations, and management.

We offer services in manufacturing, supplying, and commissioning cremation systems along with AMC, planning, operational audits, management reviews, feasibility studies, demand/need analysis, land needs, and facilities assessments, GPS/GIS mapping, perpetual fund analysis, return on investment, break-even and risk analysis, policy and bylaw development, marketing and staffing strategies, as well as public engagement.

We have diverse skills and experience in this field at every scale, we provide our clients and their communities with comprehensive services tailored to their project needs.

Our intimate knowledge of each phase of the process allows our team to maintain high standards for a site-specific design that fits the space as well as programming needs. With our depth of experience in both large and small communities, we provide services based on a rigorous and collaborative approach.

Gas Cremation Furnace


Gas Cremation Furnace is developed to use CNG or LPG gas for the body Crematorium. The furnace's combustion blowers are turned on, followed by the burners in the cremation chambers, to reach a temperature of around 700°C.

Electrical Cremation Furnace


Electrical Cremation Furnaces are among our most popular products. This system is made by our highly skilled professionals using only the highest quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology in accordance with industry standards.

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